"The Thinker" Rodin
“The Thinker” Rodin

Much of what I do in Photography used to “require” large amounts of contemplation. I would contemplate composition, aperture, film speed and so on. At first glance it sounds like I should still contemplate all of the same stuff, and you are correct. However, since my switch to a DSLR, which I do love, the amount of contemplation has decreased dramatically. Digital sensors, light meters, depth of field finder, and immediate gratification of an instant image, just to name a few, have taken a tole on my artistic contemplation. I now find myself spraying and praying leaving the contemplation portion for Photoshop and I feel it showing in my images. I find myself constantly unsatisfied with my work and searching the web for better equipment or advice from other photo bloggers.

So what’s different? –Money– When I shot in film, a errand click meant money. First click, change, second click, dollars, third click, frustration. This progression kept me searching, anticipating, and most of all contemplating. Not only did I contemplate the techniques required to capture the moment at hand, but would also contemplate the idea of is it worth it?  Hence, many bad shots were left unshot and therefore unseen.  –Fast forward– I now see every bad shot along with the few good ones I manage produce.  This is crippling my confidence and in my head the fix is to shoot more.

While it may seem as though I am using this post to whine and place the blame of my lack of quality creation on technology, it is quite the opposite. I am using this post to motivate myself to slow down, asses the moment, and fully comprehend the wonderfully advanced equipment I have. With that said I will also make it a point to gravitate back to film and explore medium format in black and white and possibly get back in a dark room.

So from here out, I am full of optimism and positivity which should show through my work!  Be on the look out for great things to come.


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