Today’s the day!

It’s finally here… ok, well it really only took 7 days from purchase to arrival, but still, I’m PUMPED!!  A week ago (after much research and discussion with other photographers both young and old) I decided to take a step back in time in order to slow down, contemplate I’m doing, and most of all produce better images. Today I open the box and held in my hand my “new” camera… From 1982.  It’s a Mamiya RZ67 Pro medium format camera which takes pictures on a negative 6cm x 7cm.  My hope is that it will record more detail and depth than anything I’ve ever shot and give me a sense of fulfillment.

My evolution in photography is now looking more like a circle.  Is it possible I started in the wrong spot? I purchased my first real camera on Ebay, before it was a public traded stock.  I fully expect to be taken advantage of like my fellow dorm mate down the hall was when he received an empty Nintindo 64 box.  However, it was exactly the opposite.  My purchase came with not only the camera (Nikon N70), but with over 10 rolls of film, extra batteries, and a photography book.  Needless to say, camera #1 was great, and still is great.

Camera #2 was a cheap venture into the digital age purchased in a more typical way; BestBuy.  It was an awful piece of new technology that took less than flattering pictures and ran through batteries like a laxative. Awful imagery for an awful camera.

Camera #3 was similar to #2 but with a bit better optics.

Camera #4 and #5 are awesome and most of my pictures seen to this point are shot with one of these.  #4 and #5 are my venture into digital SLR’s.  They are truly wonderful and very versatile.

But this post is not about cameras 1-5, it’s about my venture back in time, or my journey in circle.  Well what ever it is, it will be well documented here and I hope to be very pleased.

Built in 1982 and works like a champ.  Hey, I was born in 1982...
Built in 1982 and works like a champ. Hey, I was born in 1982…

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