A short walk away

Today is April 2nd and the scenery is pretty much the same as it’s been for the past decade, however, it will be changing soon.  Trees will get taller, rocks will get bigger, and water will be much more abundant.  Streams and ponds will be exchanged for lakes with rivers leading to a great salty pond.  Open space in field form will be dwarfed by the vast Atlantic dotted with islands connected by an occasional bridge.  Transportation will transform from cars and trucks, to buses, bikes, and trains, not to mention the anticipation of kayaks and sailboats floating in the cove visible from the living room window and just a short walk away.

Yes, summer will bring much change.  Around May 23rd my wife and I will pack a U-haul and Hyundai with boxes of belongings and two dogs and make haste for Portland, ME.  Our 29-hour journey will no doubt be filled with joys and nerves fueled by coffee and protein bars and aided by my youngest brother, Brandino Supremo.  That’s right, my youngest brother, Brandon, has offered to come along and help us move in exchange for an experience.

At this point I have great fear of the unknowns that lay ahead.  Will we get jobs? Will we enjoy the culture? Will a shark bite me? However, when the fear builds to an overwhelming level, a mountain of optimistic thoughts about opportunity quickly subdue it.  One of which is the fact that this beautiful scenic view is only a short walk away.

A short walk away
A short walk away

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