Pushing the Reset Button

(As I write I am looking at the ocean from my front porch)

We didn’t just move we truly pushed the “Reset Button”.  Except that once the reset button was pushed the game changed.  The scenery, the living style, our jobs, the food, the smells, the weather, etc… I seriously could go on and on.  My wife and I had been in Joplin, MO for a very long time, her 31 years, me more than a decade.  It has been our 5 year plan to uproot and gain some new experiences and the greater Portland, ME area is where this will be happening.

To many this must have and may still very well seem like a crazy adventure, but it had to be done.  Eight months ago we sold our house and most of the belongings it contained.  We moved in with the most helpful and gracious parents one could as for (Thank you so much Dad and Peg!!! Without you this was not possible).  Then we began prepping. We visited over spring break, went apartment hunting, and started searching for jobs.  Not to mention the business of certification paperwork, test taking, and general hoop jumping to be a teacher in another state.

All in all, the hard work paid off.  We made the 1600 mile 9 state trek cross country with a moving truck (Big Shout/Out to my little bro Brandino Suprimo for making the trip with us.  Couldn’t ask for a better navigator!!). We both secured jobs within 5 days of arrival and we’ve made a 6oo sqft apartment feel like home.

While there is much more I could say and so many pictures I could post, I will leave it at that.  Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and positive outlook.  Your confidence made a difference!

Suset cruise on the evening mail run to the Maine islands.
Suset cruise on the evening mail run to the Maine islands.



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