Faux Sunset

It’s very deceiving out here! It seems cold out but it’s not, and in the same breath it seems it hot out but it’s not. While it may seem like the sun is getting ready to set it hangs out just a little longer than expected making you second guess the time. Then it just like that it’s gone. And then bang!! Before you know that same great star, definitely the start of this blogspot, has popped back up ready to start the day. It’s 4:30 am!!!! Hence the title of this blog. My joke is, the sun doesn’t actually set it just hides out behind that church ready to pounce at the moment of deep sleep. It just bounces back and forth each edge of the sky like the gods are playing ping pong with no disregard for human sleeping patterns. What a fun little game. Also it is quite apparent to me now that I am much closer to the sun. A 60 degree day delivers the same burn a 90 degree day back home would. While it’s not a hot temperature the sun still delivers this sorta sting that’s kinda enjoyable till it turns red and angry later that night. With that said, I greatly enjoy these “Faux Sunsets” and “Jovial Sunrises”, as they offer long lasting views of an intimate moment between light, dark, land, sea and sky.

The sun is just playing Peek-A-Boo behind that church.  Don't be fooled.
The sun is just playing Peek-A-Boo behind that church. Don’t be fooled.

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