Say hello to “Fat Mike”

Some of you who know me know that I spent a portion of my life in, lets just say, a “beefy” state. My max beefiness was achieved by a healthy, or more so consistent, diet of Sabaro’s pepperoni pizza, pb&j sandwiches, nacho cheese doritos, and gallons and gallons of milk.

I am saying all this to caution and or warn people that “Fat Mike” may very well reappear. The Scratch Bakery at Wilard Square in South Porland, ME is a short walk away and houses my weakness; Fresh Baked Bread. I can’t resist and I know this, so I don’t even try. Currently I have consumed (in the 5 short days after discovery) 3 baguetts, 3 house rolls, an everything bagel, and a giant oatmeal raisin cookie. This could get ugly.

Current weight 168–

I can't resist!!!
I can’t resist!!!

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