Today’s dog walk

June 19, 2013, my 9 nine year anniversary:

The day started great with the delivery of my wife’s new teaching contract to Windham Primary. (Unfortunately it was not for $447,315/ year like the board meeting minutes stated).

It then continued to get better with the freshest and bestest turkey club a guy could ask for. From there we took the dogs (our kids) to a brand new place for a dog walk. We walked the Diamond Trail at the Black Brook Preserve (I truly feel we will see a moose there at some point in time in the near future). The walk went from a wide open vista, to a narrow fern lined path with giant pines, and finished with ponds and streams. Unreal!!

From there we traveled home to drop the dogs off and grab our bikes, which carried us to our near-by beach (Willard Beach, South Portland ME). The clouds tried to hide the heat and the breeze did it’s part to keep us cool, but you really can’t complain about getting a couple hours on a Maine beach that feels like your own spot.

The evening ended with a wonderful dinner (if I do say so myself). Steaks grilled to perfection, along with squash, zucchini, broccoli, and a pepper to add some spice.

Couldn’t ask for a better day with the woman of my dreams, and most assuredly, my soul mate.

What a great day!!!
What a great day!!!

anniversary dog walk


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