The Glory of the Local Deli

I can’t stop thinking about the turkey club!!!

According to Holly

Imagine being in a new town, hungry, and needing something quick to eat, where do you go?  I’m sure most people’s answer would be McDonald’s, to which my response would be, “BLEH!”  What if there’s no McDonald’s in sight?  Where to then?

Prior to my last interview, my husband, brother-in-law, and I needed to grab some lunch in this tiny, rural town when we were directed to a place called Corsetti’s.  I was told they had great deli sandwiches and pizza, the perfect spot for a quick bite.  When we arrived, I was less than pleased as it appeared to be a convenient store minus the gas and I was sure I would be eating a vending machine sandwich (no offense, Rachele).  We ordered our food and sat down in one of the 6 booths to wait for our cold-cut-induced indigestion.  And then it arrived, the most delicious turkey club…

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