Textbook Spring

The locals, or “Mainers,” as they are called, say they have a true four seasons here in this magical state.  As of now, I can positively conclude that I have experienced the Maine Spring season. Rain, followed by rain, that brings a bit more rain.  But not in a bad way!  The rain seems to come straight down and gives sort of a calming effect.  It usually breaks for a decent amount of time in the middle of the day to allow me to get a run in and take some moody photos.  Back home (Joplin, MO) I would joke that there were only two seasons, hot and cold.  The hot was oppressive and void of breeze, while the cold was bitter with a devilish wind.

If you follow my blog at all you will notice the last few images have a classic Spring feel. I hope these convey a similar mood.  The temperature is not cold, but it’s not hot, there is really no wind to speak of, and there is a distant fog horn that bellows without rhythm. The rocks that form the Spring Point pier are boulders spanning 6 feet long, four feet wide, and descend into black ocean.  The tide is in a middle state, neither coming nor going, it is still, but not calm. Boats only appear when you squint then disappear so quickly you question if they are there.

On the campus of Southern Maine Community College
On the campus of Southern Maine Community CollegeFogInTheBay

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