The ones that got away

The day was perfect! Not that it started perfect or ended perfect or something cool happened in the middle, it was everything.  kayakerThe entire day was perfect!

It started off with my morning stroll.  Lulu and I strolled right on down to a local coffee shop where I sipped espresso and thought about the events to come on this magnificent day. I snapped a couple photos of the pristine bay and the solo kayaker that cut the glassy water, I chatted with locals about the best spots to view Portland’s magnificent fireworks display, and as I do every day here, I took time to smell the flowers along the trail.

From there the day got better.  My wife took her morning jog, we enjoyed a lovely breakfast, then decided on a couple things we wanted to do before the grand event that evening.  First of which was to get a couch for the apartment.  Both seating and space arePlants limited in our living area and we were ready to put our stamp on the room. We both had done some research and found that anything we liked was absolutely out of price range.  Except one.  So we rushed to the department store, asked to see it, sat on it, and purchased it.  All within 30 minutes.

Our next stop was both educational and cultural.  We parked the car in Portland close to Longfellow square assuming Longfellow House was near.  Obviously, Mr. Longfellow’s house was 8 blocks east toward Monument Square.  No worries. Since we purchased the couch in record time, we had plenty to spare and rather enjoyed walking through the city.  When we arrived at our destination, it was as I expected.  One lonely lady sitting in the front yard reading a book getting ready to hear the former Congressman read the Declaration of Independence. No lie. At first, I was quite taken aback by the lack of support from such a historical town.  However, I soon realized that I was the only person to pencil in an extra 25 minutes on the schedule to get a good seat.  Shortly, the crowds began to arrive and right before the Congressman began to read I noticed it was standing room only on Mr. Longfellow’s front lawn. What an event!

After the reading, we were a bit hungry. So like city goers everywhere, we saddled up to the bar and grabbed a slice.   A couple of cold drinks and hot pizza from Otto’s was just the ticket.reciting

Next stop, home.  Here, we prepped for the beach; swim suits, summer cocktails, towels and such, then rode off to our spot. The crowds gave an energy and life to the beach which prompted me to swim to the first buoy about 50 yards out (I’m in Maine, the water is cold, and this is a big deal).  There was definitely a sense of shock once my entire body was finally under water, but it was quickly suppressed by the numbing sensation and fear of death.  It was exhilarating!! So I did it a few more times and now I’m pretty sure I could make it across Casco Bay to House Island.

Back at the apartment we napped, had some food, and I enjoyed a cigar before we took off for Bug Light.  The mile and half bike ride was the best it’s been.  Loads of people carrying chairs, pulling coolers, walking dogs, all excited for the celebration that was to come.  And me with my cameras.  I spotted my the location that would render the best frames and set up camp quick.  Then we waited.  And enjoyed the crowd.  And waited.  And then it started.  It was Perfect. Everything was perfect. Even the mosquito that bit me half a dozen times.our spot

(This is my boo-hoo part)

I have many cameras and most of the time bring at least three when there is a scheduled event that I am wanting or hired to shoot so the details of my failure to produce firework images are tough to swallow.

I’ve rambled on (and if you’re still with me, my apologies) because it’s very difficult to for me to think back on my errors and IPhoto’s lies.  I uploaded my shots, probably some of my best shots ever (one will never know) as I usually do.  Took the card from the camera, inserted into the computer, imported photos to IPhoto.  Simple enough.  From there a prompt came up, “keep” or “delete” photos from memory card.  No need to keep them on the card IPhoto has already tucked them away for safe keeping and a lifetimes worth of treasuring.  Oh wait…… a new prompt…… IPhoto has quit unexpectedly!!!!!!!!  Quickly, I scrambled to locate my carefully thought out, painstakingly crafted images.  None in IPhoto…. nothing on the card…. they’re gone…. but are they???  This is all I’m left with from the perfect day. Torment.

I can't figure out where they are if anywhere.
I can’t figure out where they are if anywhere.

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