Being a pet parent can be very fulfilling (Luca’s story)

Can’t agree more!! Love the family photo BTW!!!!

The non-mom

My greatest experience as a “non-mom” was being the mother to an aggressive Boxer dog named Luca. Luca Dean Brasi Venturella to be precise. (Photo by Michael Davis. Follow his awesome photo blog at and family

I chose him from a pound in Los Angeles when I was 19 years old. This was the type of place where they posted on the cages the number of days until the dog is euthanized.

Throughout his life he was truly my family’s dog. He lived in L.A., Chicago, and the last five years of his life, he came to live with my husband and I in Joplin, Missouri.

Like I said, Luca was a mean one. We’re pretty sure he was trained to fight and it’s a set back from which he never recovered. Any time he saw the mailman or UPS guy he would charge the front picture window with all of his…

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