Park to Peak in the White Mountains

I’m confident we’ve all been on both the delivering and receiving end of some form of the age old question; “Are we there yet?” If you’re saying to yourself “not so much” then apparently you skipped years 5-18 in your life.  So yesterday my wife and I headed out for a day hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  From South Portland, Maine, to Conway, New Hampshire is about 66 miles of picturesque country roads. And by the way; construction.  Needless to say 66 miles took a bit longer than expected, garnering the question; “Are we there yet?”  A couple wrong turns and some slow speed zones put the travel time at just a shade under 2 hours.

Though we did arrive, that age old question would not stop there.  One mile in… “How much further?”.  Two miles… “How much further?”  You get the idea.  Pretty much, anytime I passed another hiker, one coming down from the peak, I asked them that wonderful question.  While everyone was happy to make some sort of cute joke close to the effect of, “You’re almost there….. no.. no.. you’re not.”  we were less than amused.  However just like the extra long road trip, we did make it.  But this time there was no slow play.  We hiked the crap out of that mountain (Mt. Chocorua).  3 and 1/2 thousand feet, 4 and 1/2 miles up, and it only took 2 and 1/2 hours.

We made it!! Check out these shots.

From the peak.
From the peak.

Holly at the top

A shot along the way to the top.
A shot along the way to the top.

Looking west

Looking east over Holly's shoulder.
Looking east over Holly’s shoulder.

About half way up From the top in Black and White Running water 2

Started at 12:30 and reached the peak by 3. #BeastMode
Started at 12:30 and reached the peak by 3. #BeastMode

From the top in BW


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