To new possibilities…

Possibilities are everywhere.  That’s not a novel idea or even an original thought, but it is something you have to remind yourself of.  For me, I use the thought of possibilities as a positive outlook to keep me searching.  I push myself out of my comfort zone, give myself a false confidence, and as a favorite former teacher of mine once said, “fake it till you make.”  Which is exactly what this blog started out as.  A step outside the zone, filled with a hodgepodge of ideas and photos, and a bit of dedication.  Now after half a year of “faking it”, I feel I have a body of work that could garner some respect in certain circles.

My recent move from Joplin, MO to Portland, ME has really allowed me to expand my search for possibilities, which, btw, is going very well.  A week ago I was able to meet with an insanely great photographer, Nathan Eldridge, who was kind enough to spend the morning with me and give me several great pointers (much thanks to Mosart Nunez for setting that up.)  And, as many of you know, my Water Lily photo was selected for a 2014 calendar.

With that said, a new pursuit of mine is publication.  Magazine, newspaper, book, etc… any publication really.  I am designing a new logo for branding purposes (minor tweaks still need to be made), attempting to create print purpose media, and focusing on big ideas or projects rather than single images.

Here is a sneak peek at few project ideas:

Fresh Maine apples at the farmers market.
Fresh Maine apples at the farmers market.
I love the way buildings are reflected in the many puddles downtown.
Reflections of tall buildings in puddles.
Sort of a darker theme, but not all art is sunshine and rainbows.
Sort of a darker theme, but not all art is sunshine and rainbows.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or constructive criticism, please, please, please, leave a comment.  Creativity comes from anywhere.


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