My last 5 minutes at home

The official cause of the sudden moisture puddling in the lower third of both eyes is a fresh cut onion.  Mediterranean chick pea salad is on the menu tonight and requires tedious dicing of a plethora of vegetables, one of which being, the aforementioned tear-jerker.  Off the record however, there is a different cause.

The sun is bright, the weather perfect, and possibilities are limitless.  Well, almost.  A Saturday routine of mine is to clean, cook, and listen to music at a loud level.  I travel from inside to outside and take in fresh air and sunshine.  I smile as birds chirp and dogs bark in the distance.  I play air guitar with enthusiasm.  Ok… I also play a little percussion as well.  Ok…ok… but, what’s a song without a bit of keyboard.  Suffice it to say, I pretty much jam.  Only today, this familiar routine doesn’t carry that ultimate therapeutic vibe I crave.  Something’s off.

As ITunes shuffles through TSwifty at an alarming rate, memories of home wash over.  Memories filter through my mind in an old time movie style with the flicker of film and too much light showing the passage of time.  Smiling faces of friends and family in the living room, late night convos in the dinning room while a fire burns, poker on the deck, landscape in every season.  There is no discrimination of time as memories of a dirt yard mingle with the image of me waving by from the Penski.  How they may be related will forever remain a mystery.  Just as, why TSwift acts as a catalyst for dredging up a sincere sense of longing materializing in misty eyes.

I miss home.

While entertainment, food, and sporting options are wildly available, not to mention award winning art and the most beautiful nature one could ask for, today I am not impressed.  With the help of Taylor I can only see what is not possible.  I can’t hug my mother, I can’t play ball with my brothers, and I can’t have a cigar with my father.  No matter how great this or any other place is, there will always be a few things I long for.

The following is the last 5 minutes I spent in my first home.



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