***Guest Blogger Mark Kinsley*** The Machigonne II

I’m 59 posts deep now and things are getting stale.  Tourist and vacation photos are fun, but what’s the purpose?  I’ve got an idea! Guest Bloggers!  So here is to the start of what I plan to be an exciting and purposeful time in my blogging life cycle.

Today is the first and here is the purpose.  My great friend Mark Kinsley, creative writer and marketing extraordinaire, and I, collaborated on an idea of “picture meets words” if you will.  I submit one of my photos to him and he in turn interprets the feeling and emotion and communicates them in a short story.  The experiment is to see whether or not his initial feeling from viewing the photo matches my intent in creation of said image.

So please have a look my image and enjoy  “The Machigonne II” by Mark Kinsley.

Adventure Awaits

Machigonne II motors out to sea, parting the waters and fog. Deck top chatter collides with a morning mist that lingers beside the boat. And on board cups of coffee take on new importance, hands doubled and fingers locked around the ceramic, absorbing the warmth, yet invigorated by the Atlantic’s icy breath.

Passengers open their eyes more and more. Morning is framed in an ashen viewfinder, a haze of possibilities. The air cooling across the whitecaps – and the hours until dusk – give the day a feeling of adventure. First to the islands to deliver mail. We will stop at a tent city to enjoy the company of bearded men and brown-headed women escaping the mainland heat.

Machigonne II motors on. That name, Machigonne. Did it come from “magic gone.” What I thought was an hoary drape, ushered in by nature near the sea, is anything but. Machigonne sprinkles fairy dust in its wake. Until back in Portland, poof – the magic is gone.

And on that island, the blonde headed child of a bearded man peers through the soot, first catching a glimpse of the red roof, then hearing the tourist chatter and engine’s bellow. He waits on the wooden dock. And every week, the magic comes. And then, the Machigonne…

And with great sincerity I thank Mark for taking the time to collaborate on this new project and look forward to many more.

Mark Kinsley is a Vice President with MediaCross, a marketing firm based in St. Louis, Mo. He’s an expert in brand storytelling and consumer behavior. Outside of the office, he enjoys writing, biking, golf, and snow skiing. Connect with Mark on Twitter or visit his website at MarkKinsley.com.

5 thoughts on “***Guest Blogger Mark Kinsley*** The Machigonne II

  1. Reblogged this on Mark Kinsley and commented:
    How does a photographer’s intent compare to the story formed in a person’s mind? Check out a guest blogging project that Mike Davis and I are working on. The first installment is called “Machigonne II.”

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