From Start to Finish

So here is my first roll of film from start to finish.  I created every thing every step of the way.  Here’s a real quick run down.  1st, set camera. 2nd study exposure settings. 3rd, release shutter and expose film. (Repeat steps 1-3 10 times). 4th, load film on to developing roll (in complete blackness).  5th, develop film with precise timing and chemical measurement (4 chemicals total). 6th, dry negatives. 7th, scan negatives. 8th, shop and post (5 hours total time).  Whew… and I actually made images (there is no guarantee that you get anything at all)!  They are not the greatest but they are my first.  Take a look and let me know what you think if you have time.

reprint holly with vogue

cups lulu medium format pottery winslow at door wine glass with spoon


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