Just a normal fall day in New England

This isn’t a special tree, or a special day, or even special place where one goes to view the Fall and all its glory.  No, no, it’s every tree, and every day, in every place here in Portland, ME.  The Fall is out of control up here and the only way I can think to describe it is to have you picture those old skittles commercials (taste the rainbow) where a rainbow burst and from the sky fell bright colored candies that shocked imagination.  That is what seems to be happening here.  Except the colors are unmistakeably Fall.  Yellows so bright you wear sunglasses.  Reds so intense you’re not sure if something is on fire in the distance.  Oranges that clearly SCREAM FALL.  Not to mention every shade, tint, and hue in between and the fact that the whole scene is anchored by a rich burst of spring green grass.  It actually makes photography tough for me.  No picture I take even comes close to capturing the beauty of such an event and no picture I take can display the grandeur of how EVERY tree in Maine is so beautifully blooming with Autumn joy, and masterfully harmonizing with each and every plant, pond, and building.  A true gem.

Fall8 Fall7 Fall6 Fall5 Fall4 Fall3 Fall2 Fall1 Fall9 Fall10


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