Saturday Morning Adventure

Most Friday nights I relish in the fact that tomorrow is Saturday and I can sleep in as late as I want and lay around all day watching college football, eat ridiculous amounts of junk food, and drink copious amounts of wine and scotch.  Unfortunately, this little fantasy only lasts till about 5:30 am when I am wide awake and ready to seize the day with loads of photo taking and sightseeing.  On today’s agenda: grab camera and dog, load car, drive 2 min 49 secs to location, take tons pics in the cool morning air (36 degrees), walk back to car, look at flat tire… Well we still had fun; even when Lulu was attacked by two “playful” dogs as the lady explained to me.  Here’s a few from our morning adventure.

SatAdv1 SatAdv2 SatAdv3 SatAdv4SatAdv6 SatAdv5SatAdv7SatAdv8 SatAdv9 SatAdv10SatAdv11


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