I Love Film!

Top 3 reasons “I Love Film”

3. Film feels real

2. Antici……………………….pation

1. No Photoshop necessary

To just briefly elaborate, not only does film have a more realistic “feel” for me, as in the way the image looks resembles life more to me, but I also get a physical product which I can hold, cherish, and frame if I want. I know I can do the same with digital, the problem is that I am not forced to, and in turn, I do not spend the money to get many of them printed.  Secondly, anticipation lets me enjoy the picture in my head for a longer amount of time.  Every time I push the trigger, before I am able to see the actual shot, an image is formed in my head.  Unfortunately this image is usually of much better quality than the final “real” image.  With film I am able to relish in the imaginary longer.  Then, by the time my print is produce I have forgotten about the fantasized image and am overjoyed to be able to relive what I see in front of me.  Finally, since the fantasized image is so far from my memory and I am satisfied with what I am holding, no Photoshop is necessary!

Take a look at theses shots.  All are made with my Mamiya RZ67, 100 or 400 speed Fuji Reala, and processed at the local Portland Photo Market where they take exceptional care with my film.  If you would like, take a minute to look back through my recent blogs and compare these images to their digital counterparts.

Ilovefilm ilovefilm2 Ilovefilm5 Ilovefilm6 Iloveflim7 Ilovefilm3 Ilovefilm4


2 thoughts on “I Love Film!

  1. These are fantastic. I especially like the second one and the last one. Great colors and great mood. The medium-format color is spectacular. I definitely think I “see” color better than black and white. But, I’ll keep trying. Got one more roll of black and white to shoot through. The first roll was definitely a lesson.

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