To Great Friends

It’s Thursday, November 14th, at school’s end, and the anticipation has mounted to a level beyond belief.  In my head I start to rethink or replay every amazing claim I’ve made about the great state of Maine and the region I live in.  I start to mentally scan the recent images I’ve blogged and quickly asses the extent of Photoshop that was necessary to make the finished project.  Will my truth be met and realized in the minds of others or will I be debunked?  I will know in short time.

When I take a photo, I, just like everyone else, am capturing a moment in time. My reasons for capturing said moment vary, but as obvious as it sounds, most of the time it is something I want to remember and or document.  I set the camera to the settings I feel will best record the amount and levels of light that communicate the moment.  But, that’s not the end of the photo’s journey.  Most of the time what’s recorded does not meet the image I have made in my mind and aspects need to be adjusted.  It’s there that I feel I might be caught in a lie.

Great, no, the greatest of friends are set to arrive for a well needed break from the grind and, as previously eluded to, a momentous reunion.  I have set the evening’s menu and developed a three day itinerary that should, without fail, wow and surpass any expectations previously set.  I will spare you the details, as there is no real way I could accurately describe the legendary weekend that unfolded, but leave you with a few images that carry a bit of the action.

So — – a toast; to the greatest of friends who will never allow distance to be a factor, and to one of the greatest weekends in Maine. Enjoy.

MTweekend MTweekend1 MTweekend2 MTweekend3 MTweekend4 MTweekend5 MTweekend6 MTweekend7 MTweekend8 MTweekend9 MTweekend10 MTweekend11 MTweekend12 MTweekend13 MTweekend14 MTweekend15 MTweekend16 MTweekend17 MTweekend18 MTweekend19 MTweekend20


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