Reprise: Some favorites from film

It’s good to reflect, and even better, to remember.  So, after some reflection styled analysis I estimate that over the past 15 years I’ve taken close to 115,000 photos, with roughly 5% on film.  Funny enough, I’ve only been shooting digital for 4 years, give or take, and it amounts for nearly all my shots fired.  With that said, it’s worth noting that I have this amazing fondness for old fashioned film images.  I relish the greats, and many times, take extra looks at the bad ones too. To me there is a “real” quality that is missing from my digital art.  Maybe it’s the rarity of a nice image.  I liken this idea to that of a diamond in the rough, versus a man-made perfect diamond.  It’s true, the diamond originating from insanely intense earth pressure and loads of time has many many more imperfections.  The flaws get graded, some get discarded, and the final product is cherished forever.  Conversely, the man-made version is flawless in every way, refracts light with a perfect twinkle from each angle, yet some how lacks in prestige.  That fact that one is rare and the other is not has no difference to what the quality is and yet is a quality in and of it’s self.  With that said, here are some of the photos I regularly peak back at.  Many of them hang on my apartment walls, imperfections and all.

Mijas, the white city
shopped jamon
Not much better than cheese and ham, especially when you’re in Spain.
Lift 9, Loveland. This takes me to the top of the world from my perspective.
Holly taking it all in.
I love this shot for the insane amount of documentation and all the scratches.
I love the textured wall and this is the first print I ever sold.
Natural beauty.
Slightly blurry and imperfections galore, this image exudes a good time and brings back so many memories.
Plaza de Toros, Hemingway’s favorite.
I just love this scene, smooth and elegant.
The lines, the contrast, the Cubans, and of course a great time with my father.


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