5 days and I’m still bitter

It’s like that break up.  The really really bad one.  You’d done everything right and there was no way you ever expected it.  You know… the one you get through text message.  Brutal.

Dude didn’t even come out with the team!!!  Even worse, midway through the National Anthem, my hopes rose once again due to a large man matching the Lebron description standing in the wings.  Half way unrecognizable due to the dramatic lighting, he rocked back and forth anticipating the inevitable boos.

I readied the camera once again while simultaneously stretching my hand to get that magical high five.

Magic can’t even begin to describe the feeling I felt when good ole Greg Oden reached his giant mitt up to…. wait Greg Oden… my least favorite Heat member.  My brain said no thank you, but I was in no shape to pull it back now.  With very little enthusiasm I accepted the gesture of gratitude and finally comprehended, Lebron stood me up.

Here are a few more shots from the game.heat3heat

heat5 heat4  heat2



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