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I’ve been unusually quiet in the past few months but it’s not because I haven’t been shooting, oh no.  My cameras have been very active and I’ve got some shots I really do like.  It’s just that not much has come to mind in the way of themes or words for a post.  However, over the past few weeks I’ve been shooting A LOT and really need to get some pics off my chest, so here goes.

In this mix bag, you’ll see images (in no particular order) from our short excursion to Acadia National Park, the 4th of July over Bug Light Park, a trip to Smiling Hills Dairy Farm, Brandon’s bike fiasco, the first Fort Knox, a sunset from across the street, a rocks glass, downtown Portland, ME at Old Port Fest, a beach bag, and movie night in the park, Minion style.  I’ll also offer some captions to the ones that need a bit of explaining.

26 staples and a few stitches. This could be it’s own post but I’d rather not talk about it.
Some art in Bar Harbor, it’s own little world.  Notice the reflection of the sky and flag fit perfect in the globe.
Bass Harbor Light House
Penobscot Observatory Bridge in Prospect, ME
First rays of light this great nation sees photographed from Cadillac Mountain in Acadia
Fireworks over the bay
Moonlit scene across the street from our apartment
My favorite subject
Remnants of Arthur
portland eye
Old Port Fest
Smiling Hills Dairy Farm
Our own minion
Movie in the park

camping acadiasunrise fog buglightfireworks3 buglightfireworks2 fireworksatbuglight beachbag Hollysunrise firework1 buglightblurry Latestshots_2 Latestshots_3 Latestshots_4 Latestshots_5 Latestshots_9 Latestshots_10 Latestshots_11


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