2014 Super Moon

At a mere 223,430 miles away, the Super Moon of July 2014 was extremely impressive.  Unfortunately I underestimated the ridiculous difficulty in shooting the moon.  In my head, showing up 40 minutes before it broke the horizon would be all I needed to do to capture an award winning shot.  Not so fast my friend.  As the moon rises the lighting changes every second leading to a plethora of unanticipated difficulties.  And while I wanted to shot a number of locations, I couldn’t even get a good shot from my first location.  Needless to say, the actual event was by far better than my photos depict.

supermoon Supermoon2 supermoon3 Supermoon4 Supermoon5 Supermoon6 Supermoon7 Supermoon8 Supermoon9


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