Beautiful day for apple picking!

This particular Sunday started out about as good as one can.  The sun was shining and yet the air still crisp.  A light breeze was barely noticeable as it played in the tree tops.  And the ocean at mid tide, calmly bumped Maine’s iconic rocky coastline.  We walked our “perfectly” behaved fur kids to see the glorious lighthouse and climb around on the rocks.  What a start!

Around mid morning we decided to parley the amazing start into an amazing afternoon and, spoiler alert, all around terrific day!

We went apple picking!!!! The orchard was gorgeous!!! The trees were ancient!!  The apples were so fresh and you could just eat em as you picked em.  They had fresh made donuts and a hay ride!  Classic New England.

After we picked a peck of apples… Yep that’s right, we picked a peck.  And oh by the way, that equals 55.  55 APPLES for $11 (not counting the ones I ate as I walked).

Once we had our fill of that orchard we stumbled upon a fresh market down the street that is home to THE OLDEST APPLE TREES in Maine.  They are over 200 years old and the orchard has been in the same family for 6 generations!  The owners (pictured below riding in the green tractor thing) invited us in and showed us some of the orchard.  Giant sunflowers grew against gnarly barked apple trees with tons of cherry red balls of apple goodness nestled in tight to the limbs.

I could go on and on (like how the owners invited us back to take pictures and cross country ski in the winter) but for now I’ll just post the pictures (56, overkill maybe) of our day and leave some details for later.

Apple Picking-1 Apple Picking-2 Apple Picking-3 Apple Picking-4 Apple Picking-5 Apple Picking-6 Apple Picking-8 Apple Picking-9 Apple Picking-10 Apple Picking-11 Apple Picking-12 Apple Picking-13 Apple Picking-14 Apple Picking-15 Apple Picking-16 Apple Picking-17 Apple Picking-18 Apple Picking-19 Apple Picking-20 Apple Picking-21 Apple Picking-22 Apple Picking-23 Apple Picking-24 Apple Picking-25 Apple Picking-26 Apple Picking-27 Apple Picking-28 Apple Picking-29 Apple Picking-30 Apple Picking-31 Apple Picking-32 Apple Picking-33 Apple Picking-34 Apple Picking-35 Apple Picking-36 Apple Picking-37 Apple Picking-38 Apple Picking-39 Apple Picking-40 Apple Picking-41 Apple Picking-42 Apple Picking-43 Apple Picking-44 Apple Picking-45 Apple Picking-46 Apple Picking-47 Apple Picking-48 Apple Picking-49 Apple Picking-50 Apple Picking-51 Apple Picking-52 Apple Picking-53 Apple Picking-54 Apple Picking-55 Apple Picking-56 applemarket sailboat sunflowers


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