Mom’s almost here…

Storms wreaked havoc on much of the country yesterday spurring loads of tornado watches stretching from the plains to the coast and caused tons of flight delays; my mother’s especially.  45 minutes on the tarmac in KC MO then another 2 hour delay in Nashville made it quite a late evening.  However, at the end of the day, or beginning of then next depending on how you look at it, Mom is now safe and sound in Vacationland.

While Mom was struggling with travel disfunction, Brandon and I were out on The Town.  Check out some of the stuff we saw.

Moms coming-26

Moms coming-25

Moms coming-24

Moms coming-23

Moms coming-22

Moms coming-21

Moms coming-20

Moms coming-19

Moms coming-18

Moms coming-17

Moms coming-16

Moms coming-15

Moms coming-14

Moms coming-13

Moms coming-12

Moms coming-11

Moms coming-10

Moms coming-9

Moms coming-8

Moms coming-7

Moms coming-6

Moms coming-5

Moms coming-4

Moms coming-3

Moms coming-2

Moms coming-1



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