I love this place…

Today started nice and early with coffee and a picture perfect dog walk at the light house, watch a bit of the local pickle ball league and spied on the many bull frogs in the lily filled pond.  After a glorious hour of walking the we made our way out only stopping to help wrangle a wild puppy on the loose.  From there we decided we would do some light yard work.  You know mow, weed eat, and rent a power washer.  Wow what a day… and it’s only 2:30.  Can’t wait for tacos this evening and the art walk is tomorrow!!!! This place is amazing!!

yard work-17


yard work-15

yard work-14

yard work-13

yard work-12

yard work-11

yard work-10

yard work-9

yard work-8

yard work-7

yard work-6

yard work-5

yard work-4

yard work-3

yard work-2

yard work-1


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