Things going on tomorrow…

While it’s no surprise that tomorrow is August one, it really is a surprise to me that Beach to Beacon is tomorrow.  The greatest race I will run all year, which is not to shadow the Cape May Marathon, but in this race I will be running “against” Olympians. The course is dreamed up by the original women’s marathon Olympian winner, Joan Benoit Ramsey. Her perfect 10k scrambles by the gorgeous rocky Maine coastline and finishes at a picturesque view of the Portland Headlight.  Now if you’ve seen my blog in the past two years you know I have a sorta thing for this iconic piece of architectural beauty. I have photographed this particular spot no less than 10,000 times and literally visit it daily.  This run will be AMAZING!!!

However, Beach to Beacon is just the first of two amazing things that will be going on tomorrow.

Thing number two is an amazing art show in Lincoln Park right in the middle of Portland. Holly and I will be checking out the most recent work of the insanely talented Christine Caswell!!  When it comes to throwing clay you won’t find anyone as talented as Cazz!

I truly cannot wait for tomorrow!!

Below you will see a recent shot of the Headlight (taken with Mark Kinsley), my latest and greatest whiskey cup (courtesy Christine) and our bibs!!!! #SayYOUcan!!!





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