Yesterday was a great day…

After yesterday’s grueling jog through the Myles Standish State Forest and on into Plymouth Mass, I continue to reflect on the race that was.  The run was filled, quite literally, with ups and downs.  The hills continue to stand out in my mind as my ultimate nemesis, with each feeling larger than the last and somehow never yielding a proper backside for me to enjoy the wonderful forgiving effect of gravity.

With only one day removed I could probably note the play by play of every turn and nearly every misstep I may have taken, but in a very short time I am confident I will be left with only a few great memories that will surely last a lifetime.  On the drive home yesterday my wonderfully loving and supportive wife asked what my favorite part of the race was.  With the little faculty I had left, I responded about the plentiful moments of an Asian woman violently swinging a miniature cowbell and screaming with joy and support as though she was being paid to do so.  I’m not quite sure how she managed to navigate the course so efficiently but I passed by her no less than half a dozen times and it always brought a smile to my face.  That said, I am confident my particular memory of her support will fade quite quickly, and will be just a novelty item in my impressive collection of true, on course, in race, support from two amazing young men, and of course, my wife.  An image of seniors Josh Martin and Noah Doucette, (two of my cross country runners at OOB) passing flat soda and energy goo back and forth to me for 10 plus miles to give me the physical fuel needed not to die, and providing the unimaginably necessary words (shouting) of encouragement to get me to the top of each hill only to have to fight another, will be forever imprinted in the best of ways in my memory.  They were able to turn each crest of every hill into a mini finish line and I am forever thankful to the both of them for the inspiration, motivation, and selfless effort they provided. That is what I most enjoyed about the race.

To my wife:
No words can properly express my gratitude.  Your never yielding love and support is why I am able to believe in myself and get back out there for the next attempt, and really, why I ever tried in the first place.  I love you!

Yesterday, was a great day.

photos courtesy Holly Davis







4 thoughts on “Yesterday was a great day…

  1. Congratulations on running this race! I ran it in 2013 and agree with you on the hills- they are tough! I did enjoy it being a local, low-key race though. Great job and happy running!

    1. Thank you so much! It’s neat you ran that one too. Such a small race but really nice none the less and Plymouth is such a beautiful town to explore. Thanks for reading and happy running to you as well.

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