Holly “Tri”ed

7.23.17: Tri For A Cure

While proud is the closest I can come to expressing my feelings about my amazing wife, it doesn’t even come close to truly defining how I feel.  It’s simply just one synonym to a host of many well deserved adjectives.

Holly competed with true joy, smiling from ear to ear, and thanking every volunteer along the way.  Teaming up with another athlete just before entering the Atlantic, they vowed they would take turns keeping each other on course in between casual backstrokes and gulps of sea water.

With biking set to bring on an entire new list of challenges, Holly continued smiling displaying only enjoyment even though her unequipped mountain bike wore two semi flat tires.  Out and back she took in sweeping views of Southern Maine and was never fazed by the extra effort she was exerting.

While out of her element in the water and completely hard shipped by poor equipment on the road, there was no sign of wavering come run time.  Flying by athlete after athlete, Holly continued to smile, thank, and high five spectators along the route.  Once off the flattened bike, the finish came quick and the party continued.

The entirety of the event was as uplifting as anything I’ve ever witnessed.  Spectators, supporters, survivors all encouraging and congratulating.  Long embracing hugs from mothers and daughters all effected by the day in the most positive of ways.  And most dear to me, one joyous tearful hug from an eternally proud husband to his superwoman wife.

I love you, Holly.