The Thaw


I haven’t posted in a while and likely for good reason.  But, from here moving forward my writings and posts will be aimed at an audience of one, myself, and take the form of journal entries.  They are my thoughts and feelings at a given point in my life and I would like to put them down as to not let more slip away into the ether.  I am making them public for a few reasons, but primarily because most memories involve friends and family and I would like to share the photos with them.  The comment section will be turned off as journal entries are typically not public and certainly not a discussion.  That said, if I say or show something that moves you to feel comment is absolutely necessary you can always email, message, or phone as you would normally do with someone you have a personal relationship with.

Post: June 20 – 26

The week served a much needed purpose. It had been quite a long cold spell of sickness fueled by gray days and colder nights.  Happiness was not a feeling anymore.  Evil and hate were the only audible noises while depression and anxiety ruled every emotion.  Winter was hard.

But the thaw came.  The sun shined! Birds chirped! Rabbits played! Though long overdue, pizza on the boardwalk while being burned by rays was so welcomed.  Strolling; actually strolling through Cape May window shopping and remarking on a painting of the Headlight from home to the gallery curator was much needed and absolutely necessary to sustain life with quality any further.

Holly and Tisha never stopped smiling.  And if only to wipe tears away from their eyes, the laughter was eternal as well.  Long embracing hugs filled both hearts.

Weight lifted to give way to light feet that was enhanced and possibly maximized from the salted ocean.  Floating worry free in the Atlantic’s waves became life and the entire week was a feeling of ease that had not been felt in a great while.

Some two hundred or so soccer pitches had been constructed on a beach that seemed to never end.  Boys and girls, women and men, of all ages and colors played and ran with a joyous freedom.  There was only happiness.

Just as the tall slender lighthouse guided to the sunken ship. The brightest imaginable colors called for warmth.

The trip was necessary.  Leaving a puddle of winter behind, the thaw forced summer to begin.