Thanksgiving is over???

Days come and go and time really gets moving as I age, but man did these last few days fly!!! My wife and I were fortunate to get to spend the holiday break with family without having to travel.  This time Tisha made the trek via Greyhound, from Wildwood NJ to Portland ME.  Each day we spent enjoying the beautiful fall weather and showing her the amazing New England sites.  From rocky coasts to sandy beaches and wooded outskirts to city streets we enjoyed each others company and marveled at the racing days. My personal favorite moment was the lighting of the Christmas tree. Not the big one standing in Monument Square that we waited around for about an hour to see, but rather the one we hunted, cut, and lit in our sun room.

Here is a shortened pictorial list of the visit:

Thanksgiving 2015-2

Thanksgiving 2015-3

Thanksgiving 2015-4Thanksgiving 2015-5Thanksgiving 2015-6

Thanksgiving 2015-7

Thanksgiving 2015-8

Thanksgiving 2015-9

Thanksgiving 2015-10

Thanksgiving 2015-11

Thanksgiving 2015-12

Thanksgiving 2015-13

Thanksgiving 2015-14

Thanksgiving 2015-15

Thanksgiving 2015-16

Thanksgiving 2015-17

Thanksgiving 2015-18

Thanksgiving 2015-19

Thanksgiving 2015-20

Thanksgiving 2015-21

Thanksgiving 2015-22

Thanksgiving 2015-23

Thanksgiving 2015-24

Thanksgiving 2015-25

Thanksgiving 2015-26

Thanksgiving 2015-27

Thanksgiving 2015-28

Thanksgiving 2015-29

Thanksgiving 2015-30

Thanksgiving 2015-31

Thanksgiving 2015-32

Thanksgiving 2015


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