Mom’s last day

So what would you do on your last day in Vacationland???  Well if it doesn’t start with grabbing a doughnut at the Cookie Jar and end with celebrating your son’s 25th birthday with brownies and Otto’s, you probably missed out.  In the middle of the beginning and end I suggest you follow our lead:

2. hunt for sea glass at Willard Beach

3. take an ocean drive out 77 to Black Birtch Inn and see Winslow Homer’s spot

4. stop by Old Orchard Beach to walk the Pier

5. make your way down route 1 winding in and out of the Bunk’s mansions

6. stop for a snack at some surf shop along the way

7. get out at Nubble Light and enjoy the bluest ocean anyone has ever seen

8. take a quick rest then head to Freeport to check out LL Bean

9. Head back to your SoPo hizzy for a relaxing and reflective evening.

Well what ever you do, make sure it makes you smile as much as this vacation made my mom smile.  Thanks for visiting Mom.  I love you.

Mom's last day-20

Mom's last day-19

Mom's last day-18

Mom's last day-17

Mom's last day-16

Mom's last day-15

Mom's last day-14

Mom's last day-13

Mom's last day-12

Mom's last day-11

Mom's last day-10

Mom's last day-9

Mom's last day-8

Mom's last day-7

Mom's last day-6

Mom's last day-5

Mom's last day-4

Mom's last day-3

Mom's last day-2

Mom's last day-1




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