Exit interview with Mom

When taking an action packed trip or doing something that is fast paced with little down time, it is imperative to stop and reflect. Without doing so you may not properly process the good, the bad, and the I can’t believe I did and saw that moments. Mom and I did just that on her final evening in Maine.

Tell me about your trip Mom…

“Oh, okay… How to see Maine in three days… Well, first off I had two wonderful tour guides that were so patient with me and showed me more than I could have ever imagined. I walked on the beach and looked for sea glass. I watch the waves hit the rocky coast line. We took drives to look at all the mansions and went to the “Bunks”. I loved seeing Acadia but the heights did scare me when we were up on Cadilac Mt. Oh, and we saw Fort Knox. It was such a clear day and up in the bridge  we could see for miles and miles. We got to see all the mountains in the distance.  It was so beautiful.  We had the best weather imaginable but I still had to remember to bring a jacket with me. I had to have something to cover my shoulders from the sea breeze or the night time chill. I got to celebrate Brandon’s 25th birthday with you guys. And I was the first one to sleep on the new bed in the guest bedroom. So comfortable!

What do you think of the house?

BEAUTIFUL and I especially love the mud room. What a perfect place to put your shoes on and get ready for the day’s adventure. The sun room is so peaceful. I absolutely love all the glass door knobs. You have a beautiful fireplace and I really love the french doors on each side of the living room. The kitchen is just perfect and the built in is very nice along with the beautiful white cabinets. I like the stain glass window by the staircase and the story about the reason for it. I like the way your bedroom is painted in a calming blue and light grey. And the guest bedroom is so nice with the classic furniture and the wonderful mattress. The main bathroom has such a wonderful tub and rain shower. I could only imagine soaking in that tub and relaxing.

Did you enjoy the food?

Oh yeah! I had a variety. I tried just about everything. Lobster the first day outside on the terrace overlooking the ocean in Bar Harbor. Unfortunately the wind blew up and tossed a 20 into the ocean and you had to take your shoes off and retrieve it. I tried some muscles. But my favorite is definitely the bagel from Scratch! And Oh that cream cheese! The herbs, oh my. This place seems to be big on their bakeries. You know they really seem big on selling the Maine stuff made by Maine people.

What else did you enjoy about Portland?

I really enjoyed seeing the Locks of Love fence in Portland and seeing all the unusual locks. I really enjoyed eating at J’s and even tried your raw scallop. I certainly enjoyed the Otto’s pizza for Brandon’s birthday and really loved his brownies.

Tell me about the odd stuff you saw.

Well, I saw a guy riding a bike about 50 mph down a mountain in Acadia that made me really nervous for him. I saw a tanker being pushed by a tiny tugboat and then we saw a cruise liner on its maiden voyage. Along with that we saw about a half dozen kids being instructed on how to sail on these toy looking boats out in the bay.  I never would have guessed I would see some of this stuff.  There is just so much going on here.

What else? 

I went and saw Brandon’s work and got to ride in the cart and watch him hit 9 holes and then we went and got tacos at his Mexican spot on taco Thursday. Then I got to see his wonderful apartment in this downtown location and we went and watched your baseball game.  It has been so long since I’ve watched you play baseball. Seeing LL Bean was really neat. I saw a big ole boot out front and some moose that basically fought to the death because they got their antlers tied together.

Finally, what was your rose of this whole trip?

“Oh, I don’t know… Just looking at the ocean and all the different lighthouses. Of course the shopping.”

And what was your thorn?

“My trip was too short. I think you could live here a lifetime and not be able to see everything”

Overall describe you vacation in 10 words or less.

Maine is more than I expected, beach, mountain, sailboats, lighthouses, cruise ships, tankers, oh my.

Close Mom, thank you again for visiting, we love you and are glad you enjoyed our new home.exit interview-1



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